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Hi there, I'm Francesca and I am very glad to welcome you on The Kitchen Radio, where food and music blend together!

My Backround

I was born in Naples, the birthplace of pizza. During my childhood I spent most of my summers in Sicily enjoying binge eating arancini and cannoli. As I turned 7 years old, my family moved to Trentino, close to the Dolomites mountain chain. I met a completely different culture from what I was used to, more sudtirolean style.


In my teens, I started cultivating my passion for music, my favourite hobby was to discover unknown bands and share them with friends. I studied drums, singing and piano just for my own pleasure as I never felt at my ease with performing on stage.

Just after university, I moved to Dublin where I lived in a big house with people coming from all corners of the world. We enjoyed our time together, mostly cooking, drinking and listening to great music. Here I discovered so many different new flavours and captivating tunes from different places. I was of course influenced by Ireland, but also by my American, Brasilian, Spanish, Thai and so on housemates and friends.

It was also quite common to have heated discussions with my French flatmate, Maxime, on whether Italian or French food is better. Eventually we became great partners in life, but regarding our discussions, we still haven't figure out who wins.

​When I came back to Italy, Maxime joined me after his long trip in Asia and at present we live together in Milan. In our house there is still that great atmosphere we had in Dublin. Food and Music are still our biggest passions that we enthusiastically cultivate every day.

What are you going to find on this blog?

This blog is the chronicle of my culinary and musical journey. A lot of my recipes are my own or from my family and friends. However, I decided not to limit myself to what I already know. I want to explore other cuisines by trying them out first and revisite them if needed.

There’s so many things I want to try out and share with you. What if you weren't able to hop on a plane to enjoy a crispy pizza in Naples? Or a juicy boeuf bourguignon in the heart of France? Or maybe some delicious empanadas in a Mexican street market?

What if you could recreate the right atmosphere and be guided through the most perfect recipe to make sure you are eating the real deal? Tempting, huh?


Don't worry! This doesn't mean I'll suggest the traditional songs played with mandolins, bagpipes or accordions. And I won't make you listen to the Godfather's theme song while cooking sicilian dishes.

My goal is to empower food and music lovers to make uncommon dishes from around the world at home and recommend a fresh and delightful playlist from the place the dish comes from in order to bring a local and unique atmophere to your home.

I really hope you guys enjoy it!

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